Indeed, this lesson, “TRANSFORM ORDINARY FRACTION TO DECIMAL FRACTION”, one of the lessons for elementary school students in Indonesia, has been posted in this blog, but all  in the Indonesian language, in fact, this lesson is very easy, but when guruKATRO observed in google analytics, there are many guruKATRO visitors reading to this lesson from outside of Indonesian Country. This time with a based not mastered the English language, guruKATRO still trying to re- post these lessons in the English language, so please excuse me, if English grammar much wrong here.

Rather than too many words that will add a lot of language mistakes , let's begin the lesson transform ordinary fractions into decimal fractions.

Which must be considered when it will turn ordinary fractions into decimal fractions is to pay attention to the denominator of the fraction usual :

1. If the ordinary fractions with denominators 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and so on. Rewrite the numerator as integers, then determin amount the number of decimal. The number of decimal is equal of the amount number of zero(s) behin number 1 in the denominator.

Please note the example below 

the numerator is 3, write as integer = 3
amount of zero behind 1 at denominator = one, burden one decimal at answered,

3  to 0.3

so 3/10 = 0.3

the numerator is 9, write as integer = 9
amount of zeros behind 1 at denominator = two, burden two decimals at answered,

9  to 0.09

so 9/100 = 0.09


the numerator is 123456, write as integer = 123456
amount of zeros behind 1 at denominator = three, burden three decimals at answered,

123456  to 123.456

so 123456/1000 = 123.456


the numerator is 789, write as integer = 789
amount of zeros behind 1 at denominator = four, burden four decimals at answered,

789  to 0.0789

so 789/10000 = 0.0789


This lesson will be continued

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